As a stool Hychair supports everyone in his agile way of working between sitting and standing.

What is special about Hychair? It is a hybrid! Additive manufacturing meets a conventional component. Both seat and foot are constructed in a single continuous piece. Only additive manufacturing makes it possible to realize a geometry that encompasses all functional areas: In addition to its load-bearing structure and flexible top face, the mechanism for triggering the gas spring is integrated in the seat.

The foot provides a stable stand, at the same time the 3D hinge allows a precise movement on the Hychair in all directions. Designed for additive manufacturing, the functional areas are re-imagined in compliant flexible structures, without many individual parts as in conventional joints and mechanics.

Due to the functional integration, the manufactured parts can be used directly after production.┬áSeat and foot are assembled with the gas spring, no tools needed – the Hychair is done!